The ECOO Programming Contest is a contest designed for highschool students.

The contest takes place in three rounds:
In Round 1, (Board-wide contest) teams of students compete within their own Board of Education.
In Round 2, (Regional contest) winners of the Round 1 contest compete in one of three regions of Ontario:
East, Central and West.
In Round 3 (Province-wide contest) the winners of Round 2 compete for the York University Cup.

A team consists of 4 students and one computer. In order to compete effectively, work must be divided efficiently among the team members.

In 2016 over 400 teams competed in level Round 1; 111 teams represented their various boards of education, and of these, 30 teams competed for the York University Cup.

Congratulations to the winners: Don Mills CI (Gold), University of Toronto Schools (Silver) and Glenforest SS (Bronze)